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Catch Surf

Odysea 5'0 Stump - Santa Cruz

Odysea 5'0 Stump - Santa Cruz

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CATCH SURF teamed up with legendary skate brand Santa Cruz to release a series of Catch Surf shred sticks that will be instant classics!

Rip, Slash, Tear!! One of the coolest and most aggressive skate graphics ever conceived makes perfect sense on one of the rippiest board models we've got! The Slasher Stump is a serious showstopper that will have people moving out of your way as soon as they see you flying down the line with that big 'ol bloody dagger!

The world-famous Odysea LOG has a little brother! The all-new Stump is half the size and twice the fun and will take you steep and deep or in the air. Fully-loaded with our new hi-performance fin system, this little gem will hold a solid line in the tube or allow you to lay down some rail.

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